Maria HamelersCore Program Director

As the Core Program Director, Maria facilitates a workshop series on self-esteem, goal setting, interviewing skills and transition tools for women embarking on new journeys in their lives.  Through these sessions, she creates an environment where women share and learn from their experiences. Her goal is for women to build their confidence and feel empowered.


Maria was born and raised in Bolivia, South America, immigrating to the US right after high school. After graduating from West Virginia University she joined the United States Army, where she served for 25 years. After an accomplished and decorated career she retired as a Sergeant Major, she moved to Dallas and began volunteering at Attitudes & Attire®; there she found purpose and meaning, a place where she can give back.  Maria has an M.S. in Emergency and Disaster Management and currently working on several certifications that will enhance her knowledge of human behavior.  Contact Maria at 214.746.4214 or via email.

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