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Our programs focus on providing the tools you need to raise self-esteem, promote ethics, and build the confidence necessary to succeed in the workplace. We have served over 25,000 clients since 1996 and counting. Over our two decades, we have aimed to empower women from all walks of life and continue to develop additional programs to this end.

We currently offer three programs to our clients: Core Program, Hopeful Smiles™, and Boots to Heels®.

Our Core Program focuses on job readiness, by providing women the skills and confidence to join the workforce. This is complemented by our in-house boutique that provides clients with professional attire and accessories. Our Hopeful Smiles program is dedicated to providing free dental care for clients whose smiles have been damaged by poverty, neglect, violence, and illness. Our Boots to Heels® program works with female veterans, spouses of veterans and first responders to provide a unique approach for women transitioning from military to civilian life.

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“When I first met the women at Attitudes & Attire I saw first hand the care and concern for other human beings who have been in a lot of pain. Because of their love for me, no matter where I’ve been, it caused me to look at myself as something else other than a failure.My self-esteem has risen to a point I never thought possible.”


Attitudes & Attire® programs give women an understanding of what self-esteem and assertiveness mean and how to develop those feelings in their own lives. Our workshops, dressings, and additional services address every woman’s uniqueness and value.

Our goal is that each woman leaves Attitudes & Attire® with a renewed sense of self-worth, empowerment, and motivation on her journey.

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