Lyn BermanExecutive Director/Founder

    From the young age of nine, Lyn Berman knew she wanted to change the world for women.  In 1996, Lyn founded the nonprofit organization, Attitudes & Attire® to carry out her dream.  With $500 of her own money, Lyn advised 65 women in the first year.  Now, 22 years later, Attitudes & Attire® has served almost 22,000 women.

    By helping women rediscover their value and self-worth, Lyn and her staff plant the seeds for personal growth, offering hope and a new direction toward self-sufficiency.  Although backgrounds are diverse, the women who come to Attitudes & Attire® share a life of adversity (financially, emotionally or physically), but they leave with one common goal – to create a better life for themselves and their families by becoming self-sufficient.  The same passion that helped Lyn found Attitudes & Attire® keeps it strong today.

    Contact Lyn at 214.746.4212 or via email at

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