Attitudes & Attire Boutique The Attitudes & Attire™ boutique is where our clients select the clothing and accessories for the next phase of their journey. Neatly organized and arranged similar to  an upscale retail shop, our boutique is filled with fashionable,  high quality suits and separates along with handbags, jewelry, scarves and hosiery  thanks to the generosity of donors and our partnerships with various retailers.  However, we are always in need of donations to ensure that our clients have a full selection of sizes and outfits appropriate for the season.

With one-on-one assistance from staff and volunteers, our clients ‘shop’ the boutique to find the best-fitting and most flattering styles for their current workplace or upcoming interviews.  It is during this session, also known as the ‘first dressing’, that many clients experience a powerful transformation, often seeing themselves in a new way for the first time.  Volunteers serve as personal stylists, sometimes encouraging our clients to go beyond their comfort zone by trying a new style or color.

The boutique is a special place—where laughter, hugs and and even tears are shared—as our clients and volunteers experience the fun of fashion and the power of women supporting each other.

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