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Since we opened our doors in 1996, Attitudes & Attire™ has helped more than 16,000 women regain the hope and confidence necessary to stand on their own. Here are just a few comments from clients in their own words:

Susan Susan

"I was beat down... my life destroyed from drugs and domestic violence. I was lucky enough to get to go to the Dallas County Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Wilmer, and after that I was lucky again by the hair of my chinny chin chin that I got picked to go to Attitudes & Attire (out of 10 girls getting picked I was literally number 10), and after that, I got confidence. Attitudes & Attire told me to hold my head up, that I was not stupid, and that I was going to go get that job—I did all that and got that job. Attitudes & Attire went on to allow me to share my story on Channel 5 and to attend a Mervyn's "Community Closet" event which gained me a newspaper writeup about confidence-building, and from then it was all over. 12 years later, I am a national sales director for national marketing firm. I purchased a home which I turned into a transitional living home for people recovering from substance abuse, and I now own 14 of these recovery homes. I love you guys!"

Christina Christina

"Attitudes & Attire helped change my life! From a very young age I was on the streets in and out of trouble, in and out of jail. Four years ago I came to a workshop that changed my mindset. The program taught me new ways of thinking about myself and convinced me there was a reason why I had survived so much—because I was a very valuable person. The workshop made me believe that I could change my future. I was empowered to pursue my hopes and dreams in life. In the last four years, I have gone from being from illiterate to getting a college education.

The Hopeful Smiles dental program gave me a full set of dentures and now I am asked to speak to other groups of women and share the tools that I received at Attitudes & Attire. I thank God for the vision this program has for changing women’s lives."

Jammie Jammie

"I came to Attitudes & Attire while in a substance abuse treatment facility. I was broken and beat down and really felt going to this program was a waste of time considering that I have such an extensive offender history. They taught me how to answer the questions about my history and before too long I was working for Tom Thumb. I answered the interview questions just like they taught me! I became more confident and made a commitment to give back to Attitudes & Attire.

I am now in school, graduating with a substance abuse counseling degree and will be transferring to UTA to work on my Masters in social work. I now work for a facility that assists people with addiction and I refer women to Attitudes & Attire so they can have the same powerful experience that I had. The entire staff continues to be a major piece of my continued success and my life is better because they are here."

Donna Donna

"Going to Attitudes & Attire workshops, I was able to learn how to conduct myself as a lady on job interviews. I learned about questions to prepare for, how to dress professionallly, and how to keep a positive attitude. The workshops boosted my self-esteem and my confidence to go get a job! The business suit they gave me is awesome and I feel so good when I wear it. Best of all, the Hopeful Smiles program helped me with my smile. I am able to go out on my job search feeling so good about me! I LOVE MY TEETH!"

Tracy Tracy

"I was introduced to Attitudes & Attire almost seven years ago when I was in a rehabilitation facility. The Hopeful Smiles program gave me a brand new smile which in turn has made me UNSTOPPABLE! I am now enrolled at Eastfield College to get my associates degree in chemical dependency. My self-esteem has shot straight up and I honestly owe it to Attitudes & Attire. They are my guardian angels and I am so blessed to be a part of such an awesome organization. They truly changed my life and I’m happy that they have been able to see what I am becoming. I love them all very much."

Michele Michele

"At the start of my new life I took the Attitudes & Attire class and it was the first of many blessings. When I came I had left a bad domestic violence situation with my husband. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about others and myself. As a result of going to Attitudes & Attire, I have gained confidence I never had before and (it) gave me what I needed to get a job and now I am working and soon I will be starting my college career."


"Attitudes & Attire has helped me in boosting my self-esteem. I feel so good about myself in achieving a new way of life. I have courage, confidence, and faith that all things are possible with God. My success is because of your caring and inspiration. God bless all the ladies here that devoted their time and effort to helping people like me become a real success in life."

Maribel Maribel

"Attitudes & Attire helped me a lot on my self-esteem because the first time I came here I was in a bad situation and they motivated me. They helped me with my attitude and told me why I was special. Now I’m more responsible, I feel more confidence and I feel better and mature. I’m so glad that my school referred me to Attitudes & Attire because I had the opportunity to meet all the people in this place because they’re wonderful! Thank you!"

Kimberly Kimberly

"When I first met the women at Attitudes & Attire I saw first hand the care and concern for other human beings who have been in a lot of pain. Because of their love for me, no matter where I’ve been, it caused me to look at myself as something else other than a failure.My self-esteem has risen to a point I never thought possible. I love myself today. Thanks to all the women who helped me here at Attitudes & Attire!"

Lavondria Lavondria

"At the time Attitudes & Attire was introduced to me, I was in a domestic violence home. My self-esteem was low towards myself—the way I was living and putting up with things that I didn’t have to. Attitudes & Attire helped me believe in myself that I’m more than how I was feeling. Now, I’m out of that domestic situation. I have my own place. I’m working and taking care of my children. Best of all, I feel GREAT!"

Rose Rose

"I really enjoyed having the pleasure of being in the company of positive, caring women. The volunteers were uplifting with concern. I feel every woman needs a strong, positive female in her life. I would love to come and volunteer. Thank you all so much for the inspiration."


"I remember sitting in the first workshop, completely broken and beaten; full of guilt, shame and hatred for myself. I also had a firm belief that no one was ever going to hire a felon, much less that I would ever work in my chosen field again. Their kindness helped me to start believing that I was someone and that I could overcome anything. Evelyn made me feel beautiful and worthwhile. The volunteers that day were amazing as well. I left there in a suit that I felt was made just for me! I felt hopeful for the first time in years.

I got a job within a few weeks working at a store in the mall. I was working during the holiday season and Evelyn was shopping. She saw me and actually knew me by name and it meant so much that she remembered me! After I completed the third workshop, I came back to volunteer. The staff and volunteers at Attitudes & Attire continue to give to me—offering love, support, and belief in me. I love the opportunity to give back to the clients that are in the same place I was just a few years ago.

I am now working in the job of my dreams—something that I thought would never happen! I am a productive, hard-working, self-sufficient member of society again. I am a good friend, sister, and daughter; and a reliable employee. I was none of those things for most of my life. I am this woman today through faith, hard work, and a belief in myself that the ladies of Attitudes & Attire instilled in me that first day. They gave me a hand up—not a handout—and for that I am forever grateful."


"Attitudes & Attire helped me gain my dignity back. Thank you for giving me back my quality of life."


"It’s such a pleasure to have had your assistance in helping with my clothes. May God bless you and thank you from my heart!"


"Thank you, Ms. Evelyn. You are awesome. You dressed me like you’ve been doing it all my life. Thank you for making me look nice."




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