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Attitude & Attire Clients We serve women who are striving to succeed. Typically, they are single mothers with little personal or financial support. Many are receiving public assistance and the rest fall into the category of the working poor. They are diverse in age, education, ethnicity, and goals. 

In additon to our core group of clients, we are honored to offer special workshops for female veterans.  Unfortunately, women who have served in the military are often faced with poverty and even homelessness when they return to civilian life. 

All participants are referred to our program from more than 160 agencies in North Texas, including all of the domestic violence shelters, many educational programs and job training classes, substance abuse treatment facilities, and other social service agencies. These women have had their opportunities for personal growth limited by a variety of issues including abuse, generational poverty, addiction, and physical disabilities. Many are already working with other agencies to improve their education and skill levels.

All of our clients are eager to create a better life for themselves and their children. Many have completed some type of job training and are actively seeking employment to provide stability and self sufficiency for their families.

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