We invite you to learn what happens at a typical Attitudes & Attire™ workshop. Please contact us if you'd like to get involved by serving as a guest speaker or being an image consultant in our boutique. A day at Attitudes & Attire is rewarding for everyone involved!

9:00a.m. — Arrival & Orientation
Clients arrive at Attitudes & Attire  ready for the day! Boutique Manager Evelyn Earl provides clients with an overview of the day’s events. Clients fill out necessary forms and receive Attitudes & Attire workbooks.

9:30a.m. — Workshop
Program Director Julie Eastland officially begins the self-esteem building workshop. Clients are instantly drawn into the process of rediscovering their self-worth as Mary invites each woman to introduce herself using a descriptive word that is both powerful and positive. Only two ground rules exist for the group as Mary leads them gently through the process of personal insight—they must exhibit respect for one another and refrain from negativity. As the day progresses, clients are asked to stretch beyond their comfort zones and discuss issues such as their perceived barriers to employment, effective communication skills, and the importance of a positive attitude.

Volunteers from the community also present material from our workbook on interviewing, work ethics, and workplace behaviors. Many of the women participating in our program have little or no workplace experience, erratic work histories, or criminal backgrounds. Fear of interviewing can prevent women from moving forward in the workplace. Coaching the groups to anwser common interview questions and giving them an opportunity to role play helps to boost their confidence and minimize fear.

2:00p.m. — Dressing
The conclusion of the workshop signals the beginning of the dressing portion of our program.
Clients are welcomed into the Attitudes & Attire boutique, filled with professional clothing and accessories of superior quality. Volunteer image consultants assist clients as they select an entire interview outfit including a suit, blouse, jewelry, hosiery, hand bag, and a scarf. Not only do volunteers provide advice on choosing a working wardrobe, color coordination, and dressing for body–type, they serve as encouragers who continue lifting clients’ self-esteem throughout the dressing.

When their outfits are selected, clients complete a post-workshop self-esteem survey and write thank you notes to the volunteers who helped them dress. It is our hope that each woman leaves A&A with a renewed sense of self worth and a positive outlook for her future. Our program prepares women to succeed in the workplace—and in life.




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