hopeful_smilesThe Hopeful Smiles™ Program is a unique collaboration between area dental professionals and Attitudes & Attire™. The program was founded because it was a natural progression for our agency, as it is another step towards raising self-esteem and preparing women to succeed in the workforce.

The Hopeful Smiles™ Program provides much-needed dental care to women whose smiles have been damaged by poverty, neglect, violence, and illness.  Juanita, one of the first dental program participants, had been wearing a 25 year-old set of dentures with a hole in the center plate. “I had to keep my mouth closed most of the time just to keep the dentures in place,” says Juanita. This program is made possible with the generosity of our volunteer dental professionals and support of our sponsors.

Hopeful Smiles™ FAQ

WHO qualifies for the program?
The women who qualify for Hopeful Smiles™ have shown their commitment and responsibility by completing the Attitudes & Attire™ core program. The Hopeful Smiles™ program is reserved for women with impaired smiles who have at least 12 months of sobriety if addiction has been an issue in the past. View success stories from program participants.

HOW does the program work?
Our volunteer dental professionals agree to serve our clients by performing an initial exam, developing a treatment plan, and following through with the treatment plan. However, we are able to assist the doctors by paying a small fee to compensate for some in office expenses such as x-rays, cleanings, and other services. These fees are made possible by donations.

WHERE are the services provided?
Services are provided conveniently, in our volunteer dental professional’s office. This allows the physician the comfort of working in his or her own space and to schedule patients within their normal work schedule.

Before Hopeful Smiles after-hopeful-smiles
    A couple of our beautiful Hopeful Smiles™ clients
Before Hopeful Smiles after-hopeful-smiles

WHEN and how can I start as a volunteer dental professional?
You can become one of our volunteer dental professionals immediately! Please contact Tiffany Emiliano at: 214-746-4220 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Before Hopeful Smiles After Hopeful Smiles

WHY should I get involved as a volunteer dental professional?
By helping clients break the bond of low self-esteem, everybody wins—the overall workforce, individual employers, families, and most importantly, each woman who takes control, rises up, and stands on her own. We can assure you that the benefits outweigh the cost of making a difference in the lives of our clients. By working with our women, you are not only changing their lives, but the lives of their children. As single mothers, our women serve as the primary source of financial support. Often times the only barrier standing in a client’s way is the ability to walk into an interview and smile with confidence.

WHAT happens after I agree to sign on as a volunteer?
Our Hopeful Smiles™ Coordinator, Tiffany Emiliano will need the name of a contact person in your office/practice. She will follow-up with them providing all of the necessary details. In addition, Tiffany will attend your first appointment with a client.

View success stories from program participants.




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