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Best Foot Forward

Our Best Foot Forward program was founded 2005, with the generous involvement of Suzanne Collins and CareerLink Companies. The program allows Attitudes & Attire™ to provide new professional footwear for clients. Sharp, attractive shoes give the finishing touch to a prospective employee’s business attire and make a positive impression on a potential employer. 

Through the Best Foot Forward program, Attitudes & Attire is able to purchase professional shoes for clients from a reputable, national retail company specializing in affordable footwear.  Upon completion of the Attitudes & Attire workshop and receipt of professional clothing, clients select a pair of shoes from a collection of samples at our boutique.  Shoes are ordered by Attitudes & Attire to be ready for pickup upon each client's return visit.

By contributing to the Best Foot Forward Program, you can help the women at Attitudes & Attire enter or re-enter the workplace with confidence and a renewed sense of self worth. Please help us support this terrific program that puts our clients another step forward on their personal journey.




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