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Attitudes & Attire Students Our program goes  beyond traditional job training by addressing the self-esteem tools necessary for women to stay motivated and confident while meeting the needs of their families and workplace demands. Women’s studies have shown that domestic violence, welfare, generational poverty, and chronic unemployment have a negative impact on self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence. Our workshops address these issues and provide women with tools to create and maintain a positive attitude by recognizing the negative messages they receive and replacing them with positive, powerful self-talk. When people alter their belief system by accepting that they are truly valuable, they want more for their lives and their families.


Our core program consists of three workshops focused on self-esteem, communication skills, goal setting, interview preparation, and work ethic. These interactive workshops emphasize respect for self and others.  Our program includes women from diverse backgrounds and through the process of sharing goals, minimizing fears, and encouraging each other, a cohesive group is formed. The group dynamic contributes to the success of our programs; women tend to feel less isolated in a group where others have shared similar experiences. Additionally, seeing others’ succeed raises one’s belief that she, too, possesses the ability to succeed. 

Workshops are facilitated by our program director, an experienced educator, who has worked with diverse at-risk populations. It is common to see participants shift to a more positive outlook for their future as they are reminded of their inherent worth and capabilities. Women explore their own style of communication and are led through activities to help them determine the effectiveness of their own communication. A discussion of relationship boundaries teaches women tools that will limit the drama and negativity in their lives. Perceived barriers to self-sufficiency are explored, and participants are coached to focus on their strengths and positive attributes. Volunteer speakers teach interview skills and address commonly asked questions; workshop participants are coached with positive, personalized feedback. Every woman receives a workbook designed to be a life-enhancing tool with exercises that can be adapted to all stages of life.


At the conclusion of every workshop, participants are welcomed into the Attitudes & Attire™ Boutique, an upscale boutique filled with professional clothing and accessories of superior quality. Volunteer image consultants are on-hand to assist clients as they select an interview outfit including a suit, blouse, jewelry, hosiery, hand bag, and a scarf. Volunteers provide advice on choosing a working wardrobe; they serve as encouragers who continue lifting clients’ self-esteem throughout the dressing and they also role model professional behavior.

On their initial visit, clients receive one suit with a coordinating blouse, a scarf, a handbag, jewelry, and pantyhose. After their second workshop, clients are invited back to select a pair of shoes and receive a goodie bag filled with a variety of personal care items such as new cosmetics and toiletries. At their third dressing, clients are provided with additional business casual clothing to complement their wardrobe. 

Additional Services

In addition to our workshops and dressings, our Hopeful Smiles and Best Foot Forward programs offer complimentary services for clients.  Hopeful Smiles is dedicated to providing free dental care for clients whose smiles have been damaged by poverty, neglect, violence, and illness. Best Foot Forward supplies new, professional footwear to complete the wardrobes put together for our clients in their dressings.

We also offer special workshops exclusively for female veterans.  These workshops are based on the methodology above, but with a custom approach and structure to meet the unique needs of women who have served in the military and are transitioning back to civilian life. 

Attitudes & Attire’s programs give women an understanding of what self-esteem and assertiveness mean and how to develop those feelings in their own lives. Our workshops, dressings, and additional services address every woman’s uniqueness and value.  Our goal is that each woman leaves Attitudes & Attire with a renewed sense of self-worth, empowerment, and motivation on her journey.




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